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        H.V. Transformer
        H.V. Capacitor
        H.V. Diode
        Filament Transformer
        Power Supply
        Industrial Magnetron
        Antenna Probe
        Wave Guide
        Glass tray
        Fan Motor
        Micro Switch

        Samsung Magnetron

        The air conditioning compressor is the function of the compressor to drive the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit of the air conditioner. Air conditioning compressor is generally installed in the outdoor machine. Air conditioning compressor to the refrigerant from the low pressure area to be compressed to the high pressure zone cooling condensation, through the heat sink to emit heat into the air, the refrigerant from the gas into a liquid, pressure rise.

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        Founded in 2002, Daeyean is specialized in Microwave Parts. We supply Magnetron, High Voltage Transformer and other microwave parts for customers in the passed 14 years. We are the authorized distributor of SAMSUNG Magnetron, LG Magnetron and the appointed distributor of TOSHIBA Lighting and Panasonic Electronic Works. Relying on decades of experience in microwave field, we are now one of the most important suppliers for microwave parts in Asia.

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